Inspiration and Aim

My Inspiration is my Imagination and that what's matter most in my life.

"No doubt, I flow along the waves of my feelings, but I do know the limits of my instincts."

Through poems, I control my mind and keep trying to fill it with happiness. My weakness is my inspiration and vigor which combines with feelings and start flowing with it thereby eliminating the darkness within me and filling it with the light of knowledge and intellect. Mind gets filled with energy and thoughts start hitting my mind making it their realm known as POEM.

I got the inspiration to write this book from the people who are dubious, confused and are standing on cross roads of their life.

From those who are not able to make a decision, following to a wrong path or who are facing criticism and being pushed to depression thereby leaving motivation and charm to live a meaningful life. The sole purpose of this book is to resurrect the feeling of hope and self-motivation in the people so that they can realise their true potential and worth, to overcome the hurdles and obstacles in attaining a meaningful and inspirational lifestyle.